QuoraUpdateCancelAnswer WikiYou can not get access to Harvard Business School case studies for free. But you can to find a free case study on the Internet.

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7k answer viewsUnfortunately, I would have to say that there is no way you could access them for free. We students have to pay a hefty sum of $50+ for the case packets for each course each quarter.

Also keep in mind that the HBS or any case studies by themselves are only of limited value.

What is more important is the discussion that happens in class where the students and professor discusses the pros/cons and the different scenarios or developments outlined in the case Some case studies can be found in article databases such as EBSCO's At present, the library does not purchase cases used in Cornell classes as these are .

And most of the case studies are constructed to be open ended scenarios mainly to facilitate this discussion. Your best bet would be to contact any recent MBA graduate, and borrow the case materials (though it is not legally allowed).