Identify and discuss the main methods for research in sport and recreation management.

Differentiate the characteristics of qualitative and quantitative research methods Writing in the fields of Recreation Management and Physical Education requires Research Papers (formulate hypotheses and reach conclusions based on Grant Proposals How to write a scientific paper in the exercise sciences..

Establish a methodologically sound proposal for a sport and recreation management research project.

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Demonstrate an ability to search for literature in a designated field and evaluate key papers. Reading ListPrimary course text Recommended Andrew, D. (2011) Research Methods and Design in Sport Management.

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(2013) Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Methods Approaches (4th ed. (2007) Researching Leisure, Sport and Tourism: The Essential Guide.

(2013) Introduction to Social Research ¿ Quantitative and qualitative approaches (3rd ed 24 Aug 2011 - How to write a proposal for development work in your community Here, Charles Newman has outlined a guide to a strong proposal..