World War one started on the 28th of July 1914 between two sides; triple alliance and the triple entente. Difference in policies were to blame, although the immediate cause of World War one was the assassination of Austria’s Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

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This is because big armies become potential threats to other countries, other countries started forcing alliances in order to secure land The first step in the essay writing process is to write your thesis statement. This is where you will create the basis for the rest of your essay. To find tips and the .

Imperialism was a cause because building an empire needs manpower such as an army and a navy to conquer and keep the land that they colonised.

The alliances system meant that a local conflict could easily result into an intimidating global one. The overall cause of World War was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Nationalism was a great cause of World War one because of countries being greedy and not negotiating. Nationalism shows you are proud of your country and want it to be the best.

A lot of causes all linked back to countries all wanted to be better than each other. Nationalist groups in Austria-Hungary and Serbia wanted independence.

France wanted Alsace Lorraine back from Germany who was lost in 1871 Franco-Prussian war. The use of Nationalism gave nations false hope and aggressive to win the war.

Even if they weren’t able to win a war due to their strength and understanding of plans and leaders. As you can see Nationalism had made a big dent in Countries understanding and strength of war. Also how different countries wanted land to help their plan succeed in winning the war.

One of the most significant causes of World War one was Imperialism, which is where a system where powerful nation rules and exploits one or more colonies. There are two main crisis’s that occurred in Morocco in 1905 and 1911.

In 1905, Kaiser visited Morocco in North Africa, where Germany was building up its own Empire. At the conference Kaiser was humiliated, this made him fill with rage because he wanted to be seen as Major power in Africa. Instead, he was treated as if he had no right in speaking at the conference that was made global news.

Britain feared that Kaiser wanted to set up a naval base in Agadir.

Another conference was held and the British and French stood up against Germany once again Free Essay: History Term paper What one thing do you think caused WW1? There in fact The major countries did not trust each other or get along. They were .

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This was a significant cause of World War one because Kaiser was humiliated and could have felt determined to fight Britain and France earlier as an act of Revenge.

Also, at the time he would have been more hostile. Militarism could have cause the war due to the naval and arms race.

The main event of Militarism causing World War one was the naval rivalry which was made after 1900. The new Keiser Wilhelm announced his intention to build a bigger German navy than Britain. Germany’s navy was much smaller than Britain’s navy but the British army was put all over its colonies so they can be protected. Germany didn’t have a big Empire like Britain but most people agreed, at the time, they were the best trained and the most powerful.

The Kaiser felt he needed a bigger navy than Britain to protect its country How could the death of one man, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who was How did Europe get from the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and his wife to the Fischer published a startling new thesis on the origins of the war which threatened to .

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The problem for Germany was that if the war broke out they would have to fight both Russia and France at the same time. The Germans then came up with the Schlieffen Plan.

On the other hand, Russia could put millions onto the fields and France had a plan of attack which was to change across the frontier and attack deep into Germany, forcing surrender. Britain and France were working closely together with commanders which meant their military plans were designed to achieve quick victory.

The British navy knew the cost of the war would lead to an economic collapse on the enemy. Overall, if countries have a big army, enough resources and a great navy they would be ready for conflict.

By Germany, Britain and France participating in the naval and army race, they were able to build their navies to their top standard, this lead to the next stage which was Alliances, also their navy’s strength, significance in the war and how it would help them win the war. In 1914 the six most powerful countries in Europe divided into two opposing Alliances (sides/teams). The Triple Alliance consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy which was formed in 1882.

The Triple Entente included Britain, France and Russia which was formed in 1907.

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In the nineteenth century, Britain had tried to not get involved in European Politics.

It’s attitude towards this decision became known as ‘splendid isolation’ as it concentrated on its huge oversea colonies 12 Feb 2014 - The arguments over who started World War One have raged since Would advertising get you to go to war? It is human nature to seek simple, satisfying answers, which is why the German war guilt thesis endures today..

Britain had regarded France and Russia as its most dangerous rivals at the time. Meanwhile, Britain’s real ally was Japan at the time.

Britain was very worried about Germany to have an Empire and a strong navy, which Britain saw as a serious threat to its own Empire and Navy. The central powers alliance was a collection of small independent states of which Prussia was the most powerful.

In 1870 the Prussian statesman Bismarck won a war against France, after which he united the many German states into a new and powerful German empire. This all leads to the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

This shows how the use of creating Alliances was an advantaged and disadvantaged idea between the global nations. The assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife was critical in setting off the chain of events that led to the First World War.

Not only was it a bad day for the Archduke and his family, but also a bad day for Europe.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand was heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary 29 Jan 2014 - Britain could have lived with a German victory in the first world war, and should have stayed out of the conflict in 1914, according to the historian .

He was inspecting the army in Sarajevo with his wife Sophie. Seven young Bosnian Serbs planned to assassinate Franz Ferdinand as he drove along the main road in Sarajevo, the Appel Quay.

The first conspirator who tried to kill Franz Ferdinand threw a bomb at his car. He decided to abandon the visit and return home via a different route to the one planned.

No one had told the driver the route had changed. On the way back, therefore, the driver turned into Franz Josef Street, following the published route and, when told of his error, stopped the car to turn around.

Unfortunately, the car stopped in front of Gavrilo Princip, one of the conspirators, who was on his way home thinking he had failed.

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There was a tussle, during which Princip shot and killed Sophie Free Essay: WORLD WAR ONE There has always been wars, and there will the act — a factor which reassured Austria that it could move to get revenge..

It caused the war because Austria blamed Serbia for the killing of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Then Austria declared war on Serbia, the Russian army got ready to help Serbia defend itself against the attack and Germany sends a demand to Russia ordering it to hold back from helping Serbia.

The French army is put on a war footing getting ready to fight a German invasion.

After all of that Germany declares war on France and invades Belgium, Britain orders Germany to withdraw from Belgium and the Germans did not listen.

As you can see the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the cause of different events which then led to the war indirectly 1 Feb 2016 - World War one started on the 28th of July 1914 between two sides; Militarism could have cause the war due to the naval and arms race. In the nineteenth century, Britain had tried to not get involved in European Politics..

I think the most significant cause of World War one was the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

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Also, everyone wanted to be the best country, which links back to all four causes and aspects of the events.

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